See Woman Who Claims She Got Pregnant Using Leeches, Here Is How She Did It

A 50-year-old London-based woman, Nina Evans got devastated when she discovered that there is no possibility to get pregnant again. She tried different ways and methods, and the end she decided to try with leeches. She claims that this creature helped her to get healthy baby boy which turns 6 years now.

When she reached 40 years of age, doctors diagnosed her with malignant cells which made it impossible to get pregnant.

These animals also contributed to the quality of her breast milk, as well as experiencing more intense and long lasting orgasm.

The lychees have been used for years since the ancient Egypt.

She continues to use the benefits from the leeches; they help her to repair scratches and bruises to her son.

I use the leeches to treat my son. They help me to sanitize the scratches and bruises- add Nina.

She had to try to get pregnant for five years, but unsuccessfully.

The doctors claimed that there are no chances to have a baby.

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