Seven Reasons Why Guys Choose One Lady Over Another


So what’s going on? What’s so good about her? What was it that he couldn’t or didn’t see in you? He most likely isn’t going to tell you why but I have seven reasons why he chose her and not you.

1. GOD’S TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME– Timing is everything. It’s not your time to be with him or it will never be your time. Sometimes some things aren’t meant to be.

2. Attraction

3. Confidence

4. She trusts him

5. She knows he’s not psychic

6. She understands that his bank account isn’t bottomless

7. She respects him

To sum it all up, you and her are two different women and he choosing her has no reflection on you as a woman. He’s made his choice and the best revenge you can do is meet someone who knows your worth and stop thinking about your ex cos trust me he ain’t thinking about you.

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