She Drank Baking Soda And Water Daily. After A Month, Her Body Changed!

Baking soda is the item used for everything. This is amazing! The baking soda is cheap and really potent. It can fight flu or cold and even cancer sometimes. Also it is used for oral hygiene or as deodorant.

Use this item for many health issues like diarrhea, acidity, drugs and toxicity, metabolic acidosis or peptic ulcer too. It cleanses the body and makes the skin pretty and healthy. Remove colds with baking soda. It has sodium and stops hyperkalemia, kidney stones or bladder infections.


Try to mix it with water for pain removal in muscles after working out. Also, use this item for nail fungi and grime removal. It is simple, put soda on a brush and scrub the nails all together. Or mix 3 tbsp baking soda, 1 tsp salt, mint essential oil and a bit water.

Soak the nails for 20 min and all the odor, itching or soreness will be gone. Also, see our video below this and find out more!

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