Signs That Show You Are Dating A Retired Pr0.stitute (Runs Girl)


There is still the danger of being conned by your beautiful girlfriend who could be a covert pr0s.titute or have a history of indulging in it. There are certain signs that must be kept in mind to identify such women. Her loyalties are basically reserved for the highest bidder; and if you fail to bid consistently, you’ll lose her in the end. Even women who haven’t pr0s.tituted themselves can exhibit these traits below. Technically they may not be pr0s-titutes, but they still have a pr0/stitute’s mind set.

1. She’s obsessed about money and excessively materialistic.

2. She makes it a routine to request for something (maybe monetary) before giving you s*x.

3. She frequently uses the word Ashawo, slut and wh0re to describe her friends or women she doesn’t like.

4 . She openly tells you she doesn’t trust her friends around you, but still doesn’t want to leave them.

5. She boasts and prides herself of her s*xual skills and how men are attra.cted to her and also she is openly jealous of beautiful women.

6. She tends to be usually ‘busy’ within the week without explaining what ‘busy’ is.

7. She is known by multiple names among people. Her guy friends call her with different names, or she asks you to address her by a name which is not her real name. Also: she has multiple cell numbers.

8. You happen to find stuff like wigs of several colours, length and styles in her wardrobe.

9. You observe she has some tiny (razor-like) markings close to her v*gina.

10. She has a poor or average income, but she manages to afford a comparatively affluent lifestyle without family support.

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