Some Interesting Facts We Probably Don’t Know About Kissing


Kissing has many names; Lip-locking, puckering up, Suck Face and First Base are among a few. No matter what you decide to call it, kissing is something we all enjoy and is one of the best parts of falling in love. Kissing can make you feel desired and special faster than anything else in the world. There are different kinds of kisses and the way a person kisses you can let you know the kind of feelings the kisser has for you. Experts even believe that kissing can determine your relationships fate. Scientists say that couples that are good at smooching have healthier relationships. Kissing can tell you many things about your relationship if you just pay attention. The lips are our bodies’ most exposed erogenous zone. Our lips are filled with nerve endings and even the lightest touch can make us feel wonderful. Kissing is connected to the part of our brains that sends out sensory information; it sets off neurotransmitters and hormones all across our body and that has a strong influence on the way that we feel, as well as think.

1. A Person Spends An Estimated Two Weeks Of Their Lives Kissing.

Scientists have calculated that an average person spends close to 20,160 minutes, which equals out to two weeks, of their lives puckering up. Two weeks of your life spent kissing and feeling overwhelmed by good emotions is not a bad deal.It doesn’t seem like a relative amount of time when you consider a lifespan of 75 to 80 years, but when you add in the fact that kisses usually only last a matter of seconds, two weeks of smooching is a pretty long time.

2. Kissing Can Save Lives.

Scientists have calculated that men who kiss their girlfriends or wives every morning after waking up and heading out the door to work, live 5 years longer than those who do not. So if your man isn’t so big on displays of affection, you maywant to share this statistic with him. There are no statistics on whether a kiss before work can prolong a woman’s life, but there is no doubt it can make life much more exciting. Instead of taking vitamins, exercising or cutting sweets out of your diet, you can prolong your life by just adding a single kiss to your day. Start puckering up.

3. Kissing Comes With Amazing Health Benefits.

Kissing can be just what your doctor prescribes for burning calories. Kissing burns two to three calories per minute. On top of burning calories kissing can also give your immune system a great boost. Doctors believe that kissing can helprelieve your aches and pains as well as help to prevent cavities.How often does something you really love to do come with such great health benefits? Like almost never. Who could have ever imagined thatswapping spit could help make you healthier? So the next time your boyfriend or girlfriend tells youthey aren’t in the mood for kissing remind them that it is beneficial to their health.

4. Kissing Uses Serious Muscle Power.

When you kiss someone you are actually using many muscles, 146 muscles to be exact. Those muscles include 34 facial muscles and 112 of your postural muscles. So kissing is good for your facial toning! So forget cosmetic surgery, instead tighten up your face by kissing.How many muscles kissing uses was figured outby researchers in London. The British researchers studied kissing by placing a couple under an MRI scanner. The scanner helped them discover how many muscles were used while the couple smooched.

5. The Style You Use To Kiss Was Determined In The Womb.

Researchers state that two-thirds of the world’s kissers tilt their heads to the right. It is believed that the instinct to tilt your head in one direction or the other originates in the womb. Whenever you watch a movie with a kissing scene, you will see the big screen couple lean, usually to the right. German researchers studied the “kissing lean” by observing 100 couples. During the research they determined that the instinct to go right comes from being in the womb where we naturally tilted our heads to the right. Researchers have yet to find a reason some people tilt their heads to the left when kissing.

6. 10 Percent Of The World Doesn’t Kiss.

At roughly 18 million years old, Mangaia Island is the oldest island in the Pacific Ocean. Despite all the time its inhabitants have had, they’d never heard of kissing until the English introduced them to the practice in the 1700s. These days, around 90 percent of the world’s cultures kiss. The other 10 percent doesn’t do so for a variety of reasons. For example, some areas in Sudan refuse to kiss because they believe that the mouth is the window to the soul, and they fear having their soul stolen by mouth-to-mouth contact. The famous Eskimo kiss in which people bump noses together instead of their mouths because they feared having their mouths frozen together as some believe. It happened because, due to the extreme cold, the Eskimos would only have their eyes and noses exposed and had to invent their own method of displaying affection. Today, it is one of the most popular non-kissing kisses in the world.

7. Kissing Was Once Decreed Against The Law.

King Henry IV banned kissing in England back in 1439. The decree was made in an attempt to stop the spread of diseases throughout the kingdom. It’s kind of hard to think that kissing was ever illegal anywhere, as we seem to see people kissing everywhere now a days.King Henry IV reasoned that by stopping kissing he could cut back on the number of diseases thatwere plaguing his kingdom at the time. King Henry IV went on to suffer a mental breakdown in1453, possibly from the lack of affection in his life, and his wife had to take control of the kingdom.

8. How Kissing Spread All Over The World.

Scientists aren’t sure how kissing got started. They don’t even know for sure if it was an instinctual or learned behavior. Those in favor of the latter believe kissing started by “kiss feeding,” where the mother would chew up food in her mouth and then pass it to their baby’s mouth like a bird.The first mention of kissing as a romantic gesture was found in poems from Sumer, the earliest known civilization in the world. Kissing has also been described in ancient Egyptian love poetry, and even the Bible’s Book of Genesis describes Jacob kissing his wife, Rachel. Historians believe that kissing probably spread when Alexander The Great invaded India, where kissing had been commonplace for centuries. It was described in Vedic scriptures as “touching with their mouths,” which is as apt a description as any. Alexander then brought the knowledge of kissing to the western world, and we haven’t stopped since.

9. Kissing Has Many Health Benefits.

Several studies have shown that kissing, in addition to being extremely pleasurable, is actually good for you. While most of our bacteria is identical to everybody else’s, 20 percent of it varies between each individual. This means that every kiss actually helps boost your immune system. In addition, kissing can also help keep your teeth clean. The extra saliva produced when you kiss washes out dangerous bacteria, keeping your molars shiny and white. Kissing can also lower your blood pressure, as those butterflies fluttering around your stomach and getting your heart pumping wildly cause your blood vessels to dilate. Of course, none of this does any good if you kiss someone who’s sick. Diseases like herpes, the common cold, and even meningitis can be spread via kissing. However, these cases are extremely rare, and scientists agree the benefits of kissing far outweigh the risks.

20 % of the bacteria in your saliva is unique to you. When it is exchanged in kissing it helps buildimmunity. A kiss exchanges between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

10. When a man kisses a woman, it is possible for her testosterone levels to be raised. This raises her receptivity and libido.

11. Kissing Involves Actual Chemistry.

It appears that the idea of successful relationships requiring a lot of good chemistry isn’t so corny after all. Studies have shown that kissing actually releases a chemical called dopamine. This is a powerful hormone that affects the same areas of the brain as cocaine does, and it can cause extremely powerful feelings ofcraving and desire. It also causes symptoms like lack of sleep, decreased appetite, and a higher level of energy. Some scientists suspect that dopamine might also have something to do with why people cheat. As the novelty of kissing your partner wears off, your body actively produces less and less dopamine. Seeking to discover that hormonal rush again, some people end up wandering behind their partner’s back in search of it. In contrast, kissing somebody you’ve been with for a long time releases oxytocin, a hormone that creates very strong feelings of peace and relaxation. Scientists emphasize the importance of couples continuing to kiss regularly, as doing so keeps the oxytocin flowing and the happiness levels high.

12. The Science Of Kissing.

The study of kissing is known as philematology. Those who study it tend to not only focus on the biology of kissing and the hormones involved, but also why we kiss. Many people say that the first kiss makes a big first impression, but scientists believe it can go beyond that. They believe that kissing can provide sensory clues such as taste, sound, and smell that encourage additional kissing to occur. But if the kiss is no good, it might clue the other person in to the benefits of running away. Studies have shown that 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women have becomes less attracted to a person after kissing them for the first time.Another study of more than 1,000 college students revealed that women tend to be more into kissing than men, and that they’re far more likely to insist on kissing before the clothes start flying off. Science also explains why kissing feels so good physically. As it turns out, ourlips are highly sensitiveand more tightly packed with nerve endings than the majority of our body parts.

13. World Records For Kissing.

Currently, the world record for longest kiss belongs to Thailand’s Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat. They made history in 2013 by kissing for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 secondsat a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Event. They broke the former record, held by Andrea Sarti and Anna Chen, in convincing fashion. Back in 2004, Sarti and Chen kissed for 31 hours and 18 minutes. The two only stopped because they nearly passed out Chen had to lie down while Sarti actually ended up requiring oxygen. Their story had a happy ending, though, as Sarti used the $12,700 prize money to marry Ms. Chen Even among non-record holders, the amount of kissing the average person does is amazing. Studies have shown that the average person kisses for two total weeks throughout their lives. Most people burn around 1,560 calories for every hour of kissing, meaning the average person loses 30,240 calories over a lifetime simply by locking lips. Of course, this all depends on what type of kiss you engage in. A quick smooch isn’t going to do much of anything, after all. But if you work hard enough that you find yourself out of breath, you’re definitely burning some fat. It’s not as effective as a jog or a swim but it’s definitely a lot more fun.


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