Ten Ways Guys Frustrate The Life Of Virgin Girls


The life of a virgin is not always as smooth as you are thinking now. As a virgin, you face a lot of challenges especially from guys. Below I’ll look at some the ways guys makes the lives of virgins miserable.

1. They tag her a liar – 99% of guys will not readily believe a mature lady is a virgin. Tell her guy you are a Virgin and he would be like “Do I look like Sanyeri”

2. They want to be the one to deflower you – Guys believes a girl will never be able to forget the guy who deflower her. Once they know you are a Virgin, they try everything to get under your skirt.

3. They call her names – Guys will not hesitate to give you names like Virgin Mary, holy Maria, iya Jesu And all.

4. They ask for “Just The Tip” – I read on a blog about a guy asking her to allow him put just the tip even after hearing she’s a virgin. Some guys will say “I’m not trying to s3x you, Just Romance” If I hear..

5. They Offer you large Amount of money – Yes, just so they know you are a Virgin, They ask you to give them your virginity in exchange for money.

6. They Isolate You – Guys Isolate virgin ladies because they believe she has nothing to offer. Smh!

7. They tell you love making is a proof of love – Guys will tell you they can only believe you love them if you allow them under your skirt. Abegi

8* They will threaten to break up with you – They will tell you they can’t continue a relationship with you if you won’t allow them s3x.

9. They Plan to kidnap and gang r*pe you – As crazy as this may sound, some guys indulge in it. They will defend this act by claiming they are trying to prove she’s telling the truth. Chai, virgin girls don suffer.

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