The Best S3.x P0sition For Every P*nis Si.ze

Some men believe that because of their p*nis size, they cannot enjoy s3.x or give plea.sure to their women. But they are wrong as there are p0sitions for every size.

Average P3.nis

For an average snake, it is always advisable to experiment with different positions that will provide deeper p3ne.tration but the best p0sition for you is the cr0uching p0sition. Your woman wraps her arms around your shoulders and her legs around your midsection before you cr0uch down in a squat p0sition so that your body makes a human chair for you. Press her body closely up against yours as you grind.

Mr. Big Stuff

If you are blessed with a King Kong member, do not fly into ecs.tasy yet because you may not even know how to use it to perfection. Most guys with a big phallus are often of the belief that they can give plea.sure to any woman, not knowing that the wrong use of the right instrument could even lead to resentment. There is no hurry here, as you need to take your time and go ever slowly if you have the interest of your woman at heart.

Spend 10 to 15 minutes during f0replay to help the v*gina expand, and make sure you use lu.bes to help her get ready.

For the best position, choose her-on-top moves to control how deep you go.

Mr. Small

Most women think a guy with a p8nis size lower than 6 inches would not be able to give them s3.xual satisfaction but this is just a myth as the right position for this type of p*nis is the rear-entry, as this offers a deep p3ne.tration and also affords the man the right stand as a projector going into her. Let your rest her head and shoulders on a pillow, lift her up, then have her squeeze her thi.ghs. The tighter her legs, the snu.gger the fit.

The Bendy Boy

If you have a p*nis that bends slightly either to the right, left or upwards, there is nothing to fear or be ashamed of as there are various s3 x positions that you can employ for utmost satisfaction. The best for this type of p* nis is to stand next to the mattress while she lies on it, alternate angling her to one side, then the other, almost curled in a ball. You can use your shoulders for support while you thr.usts and find which of the positions feels best for her, depending on which direction your p* nis bends.

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