This Woman Lost 89 Kilograms In 18 Months Because She Changed One Thing In Her Diet

The is an inspiring true story about a young woman with strong will and dedication. She was obese and at one point in life she even weighed 150 kilograms. At only 17 she got pregnant which made her problem even bigger. She started eating more and more and gaining more weight. Every doctor she saw told her the same thing. If she continued the pace she wouldn’t live for more than a year.

This revelation forced her to take immediate action which changed the entire course of her life.

She knew she had to fight for her life and decided to change her entire life upside down. The main problem was the junk food she ate constantly. She started eating healthy, home cooked meals and gave up the junk food entirely.

She eliminated chips and sodas and turned to healthy snacks which made her feel full and energized.

In only 18 months she managed to go from 150 to 60 kilograms by only eliminating processed food with high sugar amounts and carbs. She lost 90 kilograms in less than 18 months with a strong will and dedication.

Here’s the amazing diet plan which changed her life and helped her lose 89kg:

  • Breakfast
  • A bit of bacon with peppers
    2 eggs.
  • Baked or boiled potatoes with chili
  • Fruit or yogurt.
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese.
    She remembers the days when she was obese and how difficult it was for her to do the most menial things, like walking to the store. She faced excruciating back pain due to the obesity. Now she I a true inspiration for all and was even awarded “Woman of the Year” title by the Obesity center. She is a changed woman and this regime helped her eliminate all health problems and lead a normal and happy life. Share her story with everyone you know, you never know who needs the inspiration to make some radical changes and improve their life significantly!

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