Top 5 Things You Must Not Do Before Sleeping At Night

Every living being always crave for better sleeping experience. gives you the very simple and practical tips that can help and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. the points are very simple, easy to apply and understand.
The following is the list of 5 Things You Must Not Do Before Sleeping At Night; 

1 – Cold Showers

A warm shower about an hour before bedtime can really put you to sleep. On the other hand, a cold water shower will mean it’s time to WAKE UP! So third on your things to avoid before sleeping list is to never take a cold water shower just before hitting the bed.

2 – Eating Heavy / Sugary Foods

It is important to eat at least 3 – 4 hours before bedtime. Many say they wake up hungry this way and snacking just before bed helps them sleep longer. That’s not how it works. Eating anything for that matter means, your stomach should do its work. If it is heavy, like a pizza, your stomach will go on frenzy trying to digest it. Sugary foods tend to increase blood sugar and give an energy boost.

These things will mean one thing – your body is relaxed and is probably active. How can you sleep then? Dinner should always be a light and healthy one, so you can sleep without nightmares!

3 – Exercise

Exercising is a good thing and when done once you get up, gives you’re the energy boost required and keeps you fresh all day. On the other hand, if you do it at night, you are going to trigger adrenalin rush and release of other “feel good” hormones.

By doing this, the energy level will hit a high and you can’t sleep. So never exercise prior to bedtime.

4 – Drinking Liquids

Many wake up in the middle of the night, because they want to use the washroom. Water or anything cold just before going to the bed is the culprit. Ensure you don’t drink any liquids before going to bed and make sure to visit the bathroom, before hitting the bed.

If you are not a diabetic, there’s no reason for you to wake up at night for using the washroom! so, drinking liquids, whether water or anything is your last item on your list of the things to avoid before sleeping.

5 – Watching TV

Many have the habit of watching TV and falling asleep while doing so. Not only is it a criminal waste of electricity, it also deprives you of a good night’s sleep. Any source of light tends to keep you awake and longer. Besides, you tend to remain active longer and only when you are very tired, you might fall asleep. So, when it’s time to sleep, never resort to TV/your smartphone as a sleeping aid.

Hope you have learnt something New here Today :)

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