Top Secret! 5 Unbelievable Things About Men And S3x


If you are among lots of people who think men’s s3xual response is as simple as abc, then you need to unlearn some things. 

Here are 5 things about men and s ex, according to Fox News, that you definitely do not know.

1. Trapped sp erm
There is the popular belief that all sp erms run towards eggs but this apparently untrue. There are some sp erms that are temporarily tra pped in a semen coagulate or clot. When they eventually get dissolved by enzy mes, they swim about the female’s reproductive system and there is high chances of them fertilizing any egg they come across is very high.

2. Oxyto cin affects males too
Oxytocin is a cuddle hormone that comes up doing intimacy. It is commonly believed that it only affects females but new researches have suggested that it is also found in males. It is even on the increase in males when they trust their partners.

3. You can tell a guy’s size by his fingers
A research by University of Liverpool has asserted that if a man’s ring fingers are longer than his index fingers, this means there were healthy testosterone levels in the womb. If the ring fingers are the same size or smaller than the index fingers, then the male received lower levels of testosterone, implying that one can estimate the length of his organ by the length of the ring finger.

4. Men fall in love faster than women
While a lot of people believe women fall in love faster that men, research has shown that it is actually the other way round. Men get attracted and even out of control after a glimpse of the right attractive face and fall head over heels in love immediately. While a woman takes her time to know the man more and acclimatize herself with the personality of the man.

5. Males like ‘unusual’ s3x
Although men can shy away from this truth but it is a fact that every grown man has the desires for extraordinary s ex. Men have a 20 to 1 likeliness against women to practice an “unusual” and often socially unacceptable or illegal behavior, for example exhibitionism.

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