Unbelievable Uses Of The Lemon Fruit (Please Read)

Lemon is a yellow citrus fruit that is with a distinct bitter-sweet taste. Its is very enticing on the fruit shelf with it been similar to lime but bigger in shape. Lemon is not a scarce fruit as it can be found in all continents around the world with different indigenous names.


The cosmetic benefits of lemon fruits are numerous but i will try and discuss a few.Just like all other citrus fruits like lime,orange,tangerine,grape, it is acidic and covered with juicy fruit segments. Its not a bad choice when it comes to fruits and benefits. The cosmetic use of Lemon does not leave you with hazards as there is almost no allergies to it.

Lemon Is Good For The Teeth

  • Lemon juice heals and stop bleeding gum.
  • It helps in reliving tooth ache.
  • It can also serve as a natural tooth whitener especially when mixed with either baking powder or salt. Note that this mixture is for occasional use and not to be left on your tooth but to wash off immediately.

Lemon Heals Your Scalp

  •  Lemon juice also helps your itchy scalp. Itchiness can be caused by dandruff, dry skin, You can always apply lemon juice to your scalp before washing off.
  • Note you can also add up your choice of natural oil or honey to it and Then apply to your scalp before washing off.

Lemon Cleans Your Lips

  •  Lemon also serves as a lip exfoliator as it removes dead cells from the lips. You can just apply the juice or rub a cut surface on your skin and leave for some minutes.

Lemon Cleanse Your Body

  •  The intake of water with lemon aids digestion.
  • It also gets rid of abdominal pain and constipation.
  • The beneficial intake of lemon is not to be reduced to these only as what you take also has an overall reflection on your skin.

Its therefore unwise to say for instance: it can only stop itchiness when the juice is applied on the skin and not when you drink it with water.

Lemon Lightens Body Dark Areas

  • Lemon is a natural bleacher with its acidic properties. When it is applied to the armpit,knee and elbow, it removes the dead cells. So if you are looking to remove those dark areas that embarrasses you, lemon is the cheapest way.

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