What Happens When Ladies Indulge In Too Much S3x While Unmarried (Read)


S3x is sweet. That sensation of getting an unrivaled outburst of hormones toward your urethral lacuna during an org.asm is priceless.

The intimacy that exists between two lovers during s3x can really shut one’s senses to reality and make two thinking humans become bred dogs all to earn that invaluable feeling that comes with it.

But, have you examined the good and harm this practice has done to you?

Firstly, I am not a celibate. I have s3x a lot and I’ll only stop when I go 6 feet.

I also don’t believe in “No s3x till marriage” as much I don’t believe in “No trial till purchase”.

However, I’m emburdened to enlighten Ladies on what happens when they endulge in too much s3x while unmarried.

1.) S3x and Love are no synonyms:
Hello? Trying to get into a guys heart through his joystick is a sure misfire. Guys are s3xual beings and can have s3x with a hundred ladies without loving any. If he’s loyal to you s3xually then it means you taste pretty good, but be sure to remain that good cos any sign of unsavour, he’ll begin exploring other means. (tho some are sincerely loyal sha, don’t get me wrong)

2.) Success is not an STI/STD (no be Suck-S3x):

I don’t know what you were thinking when you opened your legs to that business mogul, oil and gas worker or just an average money maker but just be sure that unless you are an olosho, trying to tap into their success through s3x is absolute stupidity.

3.) We have NOTHING to lose:

You heard that right. Guys have nothing to lose. We can continue destroying ladies honeypots as long as that young soldier down there is active.

But you. Your body can get ruined by too much s3x. No matter how much you ‘maga’ us, your body will spoil but we’ll still keep making money.

Get it into your skull. You’re like padlocks, we’re like keys. We open more padlocks, we become master keys. More keys open your padlocks, you become useless.

Pregnancy, abortion, labour, pills bla bla bla are on you, not us, so be careful!

4.) We may marry non-virgins but we won’t accept ‘boreholes’:
Even as we crush, smash and destroy. We know what we want. We may whip lots of oloshos and sugar mummies but when it’s time to marry, we won’t have a tunnel for a wife, never!

You are somebody’s future wife, please play safe with your body.

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