What You Must Do With Her Bre- asts During S3x


Bre asts are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body, so a man who knows what to do with them will have no problems keeping his woman happy.

The ni pples are the most responsive to touch and you can do a lot by stroking them, gently fon dling them or even licking them. Every woman has different levels of sensitivity and you need to gauge it to apply pressure accordingly.

Yes, the bre asts are s3xy and sensual, but remember that they ought to be handled with care. You should not go on the attack and pounce on them like they are squeeze-toys.

Do not make a beeline for them as soon as foreplay begin. Let your fingers gently touch the skin around the n pples and the surrounding areas. Once the n pples harden, you can stroke them to pleasure her more. This anticipation will greatly up her excitement level.

You should always make sure to listen to her body. Gauge her responses so you can figure out what she likes. Watch for increased breath sounds that proves she is enjoying what you are doing. Also watch for increased mo ans and the look of pleasure on her face. Do not just bury your head between her breasts, assuming you know what you are doing, you might be doing things wrongly.

If you are with a woman who has a more ample bre asts, try cupping them from behind as your hand may not be able to cover the entire area. After you cup them, gently run your fingers or even hand around the entire bre ast to aro use her more. You can gently press on the n pple using your index finger and massage in circular motion to harden them.

If her bre asts are just about small to medium sized, you can squeeze them while facing them. Do not press too hard at first. Gently massage the bre asts in circular fashion with your hands and then squeeze them harder. Watch her reaction to know if you should intensify the pressure or continue with the same.

Always remember to tease her n pples. For added aro usal, you can wet your finger with saliva and gently graze her n*pples. You can also directly lick them with your tongue and then blow air on them with your mouth.

Once she starts enjoying this, you can suck on the n pples too. While you are su-cking on one n pple, place your hand on the other bre ast and keep massaging it.

These tips are guaranteed to drive her wild.

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